Interview Information

All interviews this year will take place online using Microsoft Teams. Any additional technology required will depend on the course you are being interviewed for.

Technology requirements have been divided into three tiers, with tier 1 involving the least technology and tier 3 requiring the most. Please click the drop down below to find out more information about the technology required for the different tiers. 

Mock Interview videos

Recorded with our tutors and current students, the University of Oxford has created a series of subject-specific demonstration interviews to show candidates what to expect from an Oxford interview from the perspective of an interviewee and from an admissions tutor.

Each video begins with an introduction from the tutors explaining the format or structure of the interview, and what they are looking for from candidates. This is followed by the sample interview itself and then a tutors' commentary, during which they discuss how the interview went.

The full list of subjects and videos can be found here on the University's website.