Access and Outreach

Our core purpose is to inspire and nurture a spirit of lifelong learning and enquiry. We know that we become a stronger academic community when our members come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.


We set out to encourage pupils from non-traditional backgrounds to apply to the UK's top universities, including Oxford and Pembroke. All those with academic aptitude and a dedication to their studies should feel we are open to them. 

Our access work is centered in the North West of England and parts of London, as well as parts of the North East. For more than a decade we have worked with pupils, schools and communities to raise aspirations and attainment. Our approach is academically-led. We engage pupils in seminars, lectures, study skills activities, summer schools, and university-style learning. We encourage them to think critically about articles and books they wouldn't otherwise encounter during their time at school and we talk to them about their choices for the future.

We realise the importance of teachers in influencing the decisions of their talented pupils and seek to work together to reassure them that Oxford and Pembroke are great destinations, that will support and care for all students, get to know them individually, believe in them and provide an environment where they can flourish.

Much of our outreach work is carried out under our OxNet banner through our extensive network of link schools and sixth form colleges. OxNet works with other Oxford Colleges, many UK Universities and a network of third sector organisations, running programmes for Yr12 and 13 pupils. In 2020 we launched a Youth Scholars academic programme for Yr10s. Our OxNet activities also include subject centres in Theology and Modern Languages, which exist to inspire pupils to consider these options at university level.

If you have any questions about our work, or are keen to take part in our activities please get in touch!