Access and Outreach

Pembroke College seeks to inspire and nurture a spirit of lifelong learning and enquiry in line with our statutes, providing ‘education for the common good'. We encourage pupils from diverse backgrounds to apply to the UK's top universities, including Oxford and Pembroke. Much of our outreach work is carried out under our OxNet banner.

Led by Pembroke College, OxNet is an access and outreach initiative which aims:

(1) to raise the attainment of the ‘Most Able’ pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, (2) to be regionally focused and (3) community orientated.

OxNet also works closely with a research group based in Pembroke. CredOx ensures a data-driven, evidence-based approach to both our access work and our admissions strategy.

The OxNet programmes collaborate with a number of universities across the United Kingdom and overseas, as well as secondary schools or colleges that act as "Hubs" in London, the North West and the North East of England. It is unapologetically academic in its focus and has had a significant impact on the local communities in which it has worked since 2008.

OxNet runs intensive Year 12 courses orchestrated by 8 Hub Coordinators, involving Study Days, Seminar Series, Easter Conferences, Summer Schools, and Twilight Talks. In addition, OxNet Youth Scholars engages much younger age groups to develop academic confidence in pupils, from Year 7/8 to Year 11, through weekly and half-termly activities, mainly in the North West of England. This is done in collaboration with a number of universities, including the University of Cambridge. 

For more information about OxNet, head to their website here.

Read about OxNet’s joint work with the Rochdale Development Agency here.

If you have any questions about our work, are keen to volunteer or take part in our activities please get in touch!