PMB/N/24/1 - 'John o'Gaunt's Window', Lincoln Castle, supposed model for the Pembroke College Gate Tower oriel window, c.1890 (J. Salmon)

PMB/N/24/2 - Miss Joan W. Wightwick, great neice of Charles Wightwick, Pembroke Fellow, at Codford St. Mary, Wiltshire, with a flintlock musket from the Regency period

PMB/N/24/8 - Little Aston Farm, Gloucestershire, previously in College ownership, 1990

PMB/N/24/20 - Photograph of Wightwick Manor, near Wolverhampton, c.1940s

PMB/N/24/21 - Photograph of the School of Military Aeronautics at Pembroke College. A number of these schools in Oxford and Reading provided a two month theoretical stage in air crew training. The topics covered included aviation theory, navigation, map reading, wireless signalling using Morse code, photography and artillery and infantry co-operation. The students were also taught the working of aero engines and instruments and basic rigging. From this stage, trainees passed on to flight training at a Training Depot Station, Jan 1917 (Turner)

PMB/N/24/22 - Photograph of Frederick James Furnivall, English phililogist and one of the co-creators of the Oxford English Dictionary, 6 Feb 1901 (Elliott & Fry)

PMB/N/24/23 - Photograph entitled 'Xmas Day 1916' showing the Master, John Mitchinson, on the steps of the Dining Hall with a group of military officers of the Royal Flying Corps and their wives: Captain Sidney Smith; Mrs. Charlton Anne; Sgt. Major Pell; Mrs. Sidney Smith; Mrs. A.R. Saunders; Lt. King; Capt. A.R. Saunders; Lt. Col. C. Saunders; Lt. Salisbury; and Capt. Charlton Anne