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The Oxford Global Security Programme ­­(GSP) conducts cutting-edge research on global security in the contemporary world. Taking a genuinely interdisciplinary approach to global security research, GSP focuses on security dynamics in the context of armed conflict and the global illicit economy, transitions from war to peace, and responses to insecurity - emphasising the connections between localised conflicts and insecurities with global shifts in power and order.

While grounded in Political Science and International Relations, our work also draws on insights from other social science disciplines and is in dialogue with the humanities, the arts and STEM. Our research combines various methods ranging from ethnographic approaches and visualization techniques to quantitative methods such as GIS analysis. We place emphasis on both developing rigorous theorizations of security as well as carrying out applied research. To enhance the positive impact of our work, we have long-standing partnerships with various UN bodies as well as universities in conflict zones, and advise governments and international organisations.

How to get in touch:

If you are interested in supporting our mission or would like to explore opportunities to work with the GSP team, please contact Miguel Moctezuma, Global Security Programme Coordinator:

Other ongoing projects include:

  • Transitions and Social Cohesion in the Context of Multiple Crises.
  • Colombian Lessons? Assessing the Practical and Normative Consequences of Latin American South-South Security Cooperation.
  • Justice, Peace, and Politics in the Creation of a Lasting Peace in Colombia’s Marginalised Regions.
  • Organised Crime, Instability & Conflict: West Africa Case Study (partnership with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime)
  • Organised Crime, Instability & Conflict: Afghanistan Case study (partnership with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime)

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