Accommodation for Graduates

Most of our Graduates live out in Oxford but others do live in, and we try to find space for as many of our first year graduates in College as possible. In fact we are currently redeveloping space at our annex building (10 mins walk from the main site) to provide around 80 new rooms for graduates. We value having our graduate students as part of our community and recognise that it's not easy to search for accommodation in Oxford.


For now we have some rooms on the College's main site in central Oxford and more at our annex building, as well as two College-owned properties on the west side of the city centre. All our graduate accommodation places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

We offer rooms with 9-month and 11.5-month contracts, to account for the different lengths of graduate courses. Contract periods typically start on the last Sunday of September and expire on the last Saturday of June for a 9-month contract, while 11.5-month contracts expire on the first Sunday in September. Dates are subject to confirmation and if you would like to arrive earlier or depart later we try our best to facilitate that.


There are five self-contained flats for new graduates who are studying in Oxford with an accompanying partner. Priority will be given to graduates with an accompanying partner but depending on demand some may also be available for individual graduates. If you are coming to Pembroke as an individual but would like to be allocated one of these flats you should indicate this when applying for single accommodation. If flats remain unallocated to couples by the end of June, you will be contacted and asked if you still wish to upgrade.


Prices vary according to the room size and facilities, as well as the length of contract. Graduate contracts are self-catering but those living in College have the convenience of access to Farthings cafe and pay-as-you-go meals in Hall.

  • 9 months at our self-catered annex by the river (10 mins walk from city centre) where residents share bathrooms: £5,502
  • 11.5 months at one of our College-owned houses in west Oxford: £5,964 – £6,690 depending on room size
  • 11.5 months in a single en-suite room in our historic main site in central Oxford: £8,049
  • 9 months in a single en-suit room in our modern buildings on main site: £6,381 – £7,794 depending on room size
  • 11.5 months in a one-bedroom flat in our modern buildings on main site: £11,799

There is an additional utilities charge of £420 per annum for all contracts (this charge includes contents insurance for personal belongings). Charges quoted on this page are for 2020–21. Updated information and preference forms are provided to applicants once their offer is confirmed.