Graduate Scholarships & Financial Support

At Pembroke, we recognise that financial worries can be a concern for students and their families, and we are always willing to discuss the availability of support if needed.

Hear from our Graduates

Marcela pictured on the top of the bridge in Pembroke, overlooking Chapel Quad.
Marcela Lopes Alves

Being a BAF has completely changed my life and the lives of many students with a similar background to mine. It has been a celebration of my achieved dreams. I am so grateful for being able to do my PhD at Oxford with the best researchers in my field of study and share my passion for science with my BAF cohort and the Pembroke College community. I am very excited to contribute with my knowledge and by inspiring others!

A headshot of Julius Kochan in front of a plain grey background.
Julius Kochan

I am extremely grateful to Pembroke for awarding me the Gordon Aldrick Scholarship, which has allowed me to pursue a DPhil in Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture. It is a huge honour for me to receive this support from such a distinguished institution and to be made part of this wonderful community.

Ugo Ezeh, photographed in Pembroke.
Ugochukwu Ezeh

I was delighted to receive the Oxford-Farthing Scholarship. This laudable scholarship programme has afforded me the valuable opportunity to pursue my doctoral research at Oxford and undertake teaching at Pembroke and across the collegiate university.

Ashita Alag.
Ashita Alag

The Oxford-Farthing scholarship gave me the invaluable opportunity to pursue my doctoral research, and also allowed me to teach at Pembroke. The support from Pembroke has been instrumental in shaping my time at Oxford and I am very grateful to the college for giving me this opportunity!

Catherine Ashworth

The RG Collingwood Scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my study of Philosophy of Physics at Pembroke to postgraduate level. I was delighted to be able to remain at Pembroke after my undergraduate degree, and I am incredibly grateful for Pembroke's generous support.

James Eaton

This scholarship has enabled me to continue my research in chemistry at Oxford in a PhD, allowing me to contribute to the field whilst developing my skills for the future. Without this scholarship I just would not have been able to continue my studies at Oxford, so I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient.

Giulio Gottardo

The Coombs Scholarship enabled me to pursue my passion for Economics at Oxford. Doing a PhD requires a considerable commitment of your energy and time, making this kind of financial support crucial. That is why I am grateful to Pembroke College for giving me the opportunity to conduct research in the field of industrial organisation (the behaviour of markets and firms) in such a thriving and stimulating academic environment.