Graduate Scholarships & Financial Support

At Pembroke, we recognise that financial worries can be a concern for students and their families, and we are always willing to discuss the availability of support if needed.

Without this scholarship I simply couldn’t have afforded to continue to graduate studies. I was in fact calling the registrars to explain that I might have to turn down my place when I was first told I had been awarded funding – I cannot describe how truly grateful I felt in that moment and still feel today. A huge thank you to Pembroke and Julian Schild for the support, I wouldn’t be here without you!

Robin Connolly

MSt Global & Imperial History

The Julian Schild History Scholarship

This scholarship has enabled me to continue my research in chemistry at Oxford in a PhD, allowing me to contribute to the field whilst developing my skills for the future. Without this scholarship I just would not have been able to continue my studies at Oxford, so I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient.

James Eaton

DPhil Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Pembroke College Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry 2021

The RG Collingwood Scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my study of Philosophy of Physics at Pembroke to postgraduate level. I was delighted to be able to remain at Pembroke after my undergraduate degree, and I am incredibly grateful for Pembroke's generous support.

Catherine Ashworth

BPhil Philosophy

RG Collingwood Scholarship 2021

The Oxford-Farthing Scholarship scheme has enabled me to conduct research at my dream university, while also providing me with invaluable teaching experience. I am most grateful for the amazing student experience that I have had at Oxford, especially after being stuck in my home country due to COVID last year. 

Suzanne Zaccour

DPhil Law

Oxford-Farthing Graduate Scholarship 2018

This scholarship for my PhD, which I have been privileged to receive, has helped make possible the wonderful, challenging, vibrant and always unexpected nature of the journey undertaken with this research project. The folks I have met and conversations we have had, the landscapes and more-than-human beings I have encountered, and the transformative and humbling ways of studying and learning about ecology have been a cosmic collection of experiences for which I am so very grateful.

Siddharth Kumar

DPhil Mathematics

Pembroke College - Mathematical Institute Scholarship 2019

“The Coombs Scholarship enabled me to pursue my passion for Economics at Oxford. Doing a PhD requires a considerable commitment of your energy and time, making this kind of financial support crucial. That is why I am grateful to Pembroke College for giving me the opportunity to conduct research in the field of industrial organisation (the behaviour of markets and firms) in such a thriving and stimulating academic environment.”

Giulio Gottardo

DPhil Economics

Coombs DPhil Scholarship in Politics & Economics 2021