We are fortunate to have a fantastic catering team at Pembroke. They provide a variety of meals and events for all members of the community – eating together is a feature of College life!

Our historic dining Hall is host to special formal events, but also to daily pay-as-you-go lunch for all students who want it. In the evenings a mix of menus are available at informal or formal seatings. Our modern buildings are home to Farthings café, a popular spot all day for brunch, snacks and informal workspace. 

The Hall Bar is open to students regularly during term, and graduate students have access to their own smaller bar, The Rose and Thistle.

We are a diverse College and the team make every effort to accommodate your dietary needs, providing daily vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher options and displaying allergen information related to all dishes. We no longer use nuts in our kitchens.

If you have questions or concerns about dietary requirements you can ask our team. They welcome feedback and work closely with students on new ideas for  meals to ensure that there is a variety of food to choose from.