Undergraduate Financial Support

At Pembroke, we recognise that financial worries can be a concern for students and their families, and we are always willing to discuss the availability of support if needed. To talk confidentially about financial matters or to arrange a hardship assessment once you are on course, please contact Helena Palmer (Student Support Administrator) at helena.palmer@pmb.ox.ac.uk. We’re here to help!

My name is Kirstie Morris and I am the Academic Support Officer at Pembroke College. I have access to a range of different funds to help students struggling with difficult financial circumstances, and I’m always happy to give advice and assistance to anyone who wants to apply! Please contact me anytime if you are having worries about your funding, big or small, and I will direct you towards the best avenue of support if available. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we might be able to help!

Kirstie Morris - Academic Support Officer

The pandemic affected lots of people in different ways; for me, it meant that working through the summer vacation of 2020 was no longer an option, as I had to shield in order to protect a vulnerable parent. I was relying on that work to help fund my Medicine degree, and was extremely worried about my finances without it, so I contacted the College to see if they could help. Pembroke’s hardship fund was able to fill in my unexpected shortfall, reducing my stress and letting me get back to learning how to combat this (and any future) medical crisis.