Visiting Students punting in Oxford

Visiting Students

Pembroke has been welcoming Visiting Students to the College since the early 1990s, in one of the longest-running programmes in Oxford. We operate a vibrant, full-year programme where students can enjoy and integrate fully into the College and University life:

  • Visiting Students are accommodated on the main Pembroke site, not in remote or separate buildings and participate in the full range of sporting and social events in the College.
  • You will receive the same academic experience, including tutorials, that has made the Oxford undergraduate education perhaps the most respected and renowned in the world.
  • An annual event, the Baddeley Dinner, is held for Pembroke's Visiting Students and their tutors to mark the end of the academic year.

Our programme operates in partnership with select US universities and The University of Hong Kong, though we are willing to accept applications from non-partner organisations on a case-by-case basis. The College also accepts applications processed through the Oxford Prospects Visiting Student Programme.

For more information about our partner universities, available courses and how to apply, please see our FAQs below.

I knew that Pembroke had such a great sense of community - and this is what I found to be true. Spending a year of my undergraduate degree abroad in England has allowed me to now call two universities home: Columbia and Oxford. 

Katie Curran (2018, History)

It was a bit of an adjustment to get used to both the tutorial teaching system and living so far from home, but after a few months Pembroke started feeling like home too. My academic study turned out to be manageable and incredibly interesting. 

Lindsey MacGregor (2018, History and Politics)

I am incredibly grateful for this year in Oxford. My parents come from middle income immigrant families and to think that I could do something like this is still unfathomable to me. I hope someday to return. 

Ryan Lee (2018, English)