Visiting Students

Pembroke has been welcoming Visiting Students to the College since the early 1990s, in one of the longest-running programmes in Oxford. We operate a vibrant, full-year programme where students can enjoy and integrate fully into the College and University life.

Why choose Pembroke?

1. Academically ambitious community with a strong interdisciplinary focus… Our Tutors are committed to developing the full potential of every student. You will receive the same academic experience that has made the Oxford undergraduate education perhaps the most respected and renowned in the world.

2. Visiting Students are fully integrated into undergraduate student life...  Students are accommodated on the main Pembroke site, and participate in the full range of sporting and social events in the College.

3. A mix of old and new… Our buildings span nearly four centuries of architectural styles, combining historic quads with our modern Rokos Quad.

Academic Life

The system in Oxford is very different to much of the rest of the world, and emphasises the study of one subject (or a specific combination of subjects) in depth, rather than the flexibility you may be used to elsewhere. Teaching is primarily delivered through tutorials, offering an intimate conversational environment within small groups where there is often no right or wrong answer to the work you’ll be discussing.

Choosing a course

Our Visiting Students will study the same courses and papers as our own undergraduates, in most cases entering the course at the 2nd year level. In some cases, the tutors may advise that you take some 1st-year papers; in others, they may allow you to take 3rd-year options, but this is at the discretion of the tutor.  Some bespoke teaching outside the normal course is available in a very limited number of subjects, but again this can’t be guaranteed and should not be the expectation when you apply.

For more information on the content of your chosen course, you should reference the relevant course overview or research the information available on the various Department/Faculty websites. The full list of our courses can be found below. 

Making an application