Privacy Policy

Pembroke is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal data.

The notices below explain what personal data Pembroke gathers and holds, how we use it internally, how we share it, how long we keep it and what your legal rights are in relation to it.

For the parts of your personal data that you supply to us to us, these notices also explain the basis on which you provide the information.  For the parts of your personal data that we generate about you, or that we receive from others, it explains the sources of the data.

There are some instances where we process your personal data on the basis of your consent.  These notices set out the categories and purposes of data where your consent is needed.

To obtain a full picture of how your data is treated, it is important that you read all applicable privacy notices together.

  1. current students and applicants
  2. staff, office holders and senior members
  3. staff, office holders and senior member applicants
  4. alumni, donors and supporters (including what financial information we hold about our alumni and how we use it when considering fundraising initiatives)
  5. archives (which explains what data we hold in our archive)
  6. security, maintenance and health and safety (including how we use CCTV)
  7. conferences and events
  8. IT systems (including how we monitor internet usage)
  9. Cookie notice
  10. Oxford Early Alert Testing Service Data privacy notice

Please note that any personal data which is provided to the College solely in the interests of supporting Test and Trace systems for COVID-19 will be retained for 21 days or as required of us by Public Health England.