Below is a selection from the College's collection of engravings. Images of the college's oil paintings can be found on the ArtUK website.

PMB/M/3/2/3/2 - Frances Pierrepont Barnard (1854-1931, m.1874), Professor of Medieval Archaeology at Liverpool University, Honorary Fellow of Pembroke College, by D.R. Dimant, 1924.

PMB/M/3/2/3/7 - Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780, m.1738), legal writer and judge, by John Chapman, 1804.

PMB/M/3/2/3/11 - Sir Thomas le Breton (1763-1838, m.1784), Bailiff of Jersey 1826-1831, by Benjamin Holl, 1830.

PMB/M/3/2/3/22 - King Charles I (1600-1649) by William Delpsius, 17th century

PMB/M/3/2/3/27 - Davies Gilbert (1767-1839, m.1786 as Davies Giddy), scientific administrator and applied mathematician, by Samuel Cousins, 1828.

PMB/M/3/2/3/38 - William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630), Chancellor of Oxford University 1616-1630, by George Vertue, 1713.

PMB/M/3/2/3/40 - John Jackson (1811-1885, m.1829), Bishop of Lincoln and London, by William Walker, 19th century

PMB/M/3/2/3/45 - 'Dr. Johnson in the Ante-room of Lord Chesterfield', late 19th-early 20th century

PMB/M/3/2/3/47 - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784, m.1728), author and lexicographer, by Charles Townley, 1792.

PMB/M/3/2/3/71 - John Smyth (c.1744-1809, m.1761), clergyman and Master of Pembroke College 1796-1809, by Richard Dighton, 1808.

PMB/M/3/2/3/82 - College Founders Thomas Tesdale (c.1547-1610) & Richard Wightwick (c.1547-1629) by John Skelton, 1831.

PMB/M/3/2/3/88 - George Whitefield (1714-1770, m.1732), Calvinistic Methodist leader, by John Greenwood, c.1768.

PMB/M/3/2/3/91 - Charles Wightwick (c.1778-1861, m.1795), Fellow (?-1841), by Henry Cousins, 19th century

PMB/M/3/2/3/236 - John Henderson (1757-1788, m.1781), eccentric, 1792.

PMB/M/3/2/3/113 - Pembroke College Dining Hall by John Hayward, c.1847.

PMB/M/3/2/3/129 - Pembroke College Old Quad by John le Keux, 1834.

PMB/M/3/2/3/132 - Pembroke College Entrance by Herbert Railton, c.late 19th century

PMB/M/3/2/3/140 - Pembroke Square by John le Keux, 1836.

PMB/M/3/2/3/141 - Pembroke College from St Aldates Churchyard by William Gauci, c.1840s.

PMB/M/3/2/3/171 - Oxford by William & John Walker, 1792.

PMB/M/3/2/3/174 - Memorial of Pembroke College by H. Hill, c.1890s.

PMB/M/3/2/3/224 - Pembroke College Chapel Quad by James Storer, 1810.