GSP’s Dr Annette Idler Recognised in International Affairs ‘Top 10 Books by Women’


Congratulations to Dr Annette Idler, who had her recent book Borderland Battles: Violence, Crime, and Governance at the Edges of Colombia's War, (OUP, 2019) featured by the International Affairs Journal as part of their International Women’s Day celebrations.

To mark International Women’s Day, the International Affairs Journal published a list of the top 10 books written by women in the past 12 months in the field of politics and international relations. Dr Idler’s book focuses on her research within the Oxford Changing Character of War (CCW) Centre, including the Conflict Platform project and the CONPEACE programme, which focuses on the conflict currently taking place in the Colombia/Venezuela border region.

International Affairs were full of praise in their review of the book, with Tom Long writing “Idler makes a convincing case for rethinking aspects of global security from the outside in, by de-emphasizing the decisions made in national capitals in favour of understanding security on the periphery… one can hope that her research will inform policies more focused on improving the lot of those communities instead of only eradicating armed actors.”

Annette commented “I am delighted and feel extremely honoured for ‘Borderland Battles’ to be named on the list, next to such important work by other female scholars.”