Managing Nerves

DO take a moment (or 12) to breathe!

It is natural to feel nervous in the lead up to interviews and during the interviews themselves. The interviewers understand this and will do all they can to help you to feel comfortable so that you can enjoy the process!

I recommend a simple 3-4-5 breathing technique to help reduce physical symptoms of anxiety. Take a slow breath in for 3 counts. Hold the breath for 4 counts. Release the breath for 5 counts. Longer exhalations (than inhalations) help to slow the heart rate, bringing a sense of calm.

If you find 3-4-5 breathing helpful, you might use it to quieten your nerves in the moments before your interview. And, if you find your nerves getting the better of you during the interview itself, it is fine to let your interviewers know that you need a moment to catch your breath!

Dr Rebekah White, Welfare and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

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