Supporting Pembroke

We’re turning 400 this year, and we’re turning to you.

On June 29th, 1624, Pembroke College prepared to open its doors to a small handful of scholars. Four centuries later, it stands as a vibrant community of over 60 Fellows, 600 students, and 10,000 alumni. 

For 400 years, Pembroke College has been a catalyst of innovation, imagination, and vision. From Samuel Johnson who defined our words, to William Blackstone who framed the laws of a civil society; from J.R.R. Tolkien who inspired our imaginations to current Fellows doing ground-breaking research in AI, robotics, digital humanities and more, Pembrokians have made and are making a profound difference to the world. 

As we celebrate our 400th Anniversary this year, we are reminded once again that the support of each generation is vital to ensure that future generations can also benefit from all that Pembroke offers. Discover more on how your support makes a difference below.

Pledge your support by clicking on this link. If you are based in the USA and want to make a tax efficient donation, please contact the Pembroke College Foundation. If you have any questions, please contact us at


We publish our donors’ names (but not gift amounts) in the Pembroke Record. If you would rather NOT be included, please just let us know ( or +44(0)1865 276501).  

Realising Potential

Our ground-breaking OxNet programme is an unapologetically academic outreach initiative working with a network of Hub and Link schools in underrepresented regions of the UK. It has inspired over 10,000 students to consider and prepare for study at a leading university. We now seek to expand OxNet to embrace science as well as humanities subjects and begin working with younger children. Learn more about OxNet

With your support, we can also ensure that once our students join us, they have access to the financial and pastoral support needed to flourish during their College years. Whether that's through hardship bursaries, travel grants or funding to explore extracurricular interests that wouldn't be possible on a student budget - students have the support they need to fully embrace this one-of-a-kind education.