Other Projects to Support

Preeti Simpson Fund for Medical Students

The Preeti Simpson Fund for Medical Students has been set up by Carina Bauer (PPE, 1995) in memory of a Pembroke alumna, Preeti Simpson (Clinical Medicine, 1995) who sadly passed away in 2010. The Fund will support medical students at Pembroke with activities and items such as electives (where students gain work experience abroad, for example spending six weeks in a maternity hospital in Sierra Leonne), stethoscopes and books, with a preference to support students with increased financial need and/or from an access background.

To learn more, contact the Development team at development@pmb.ox.ac.uk.

Preservation and digitisation HMS Victory's Master's Personal Notebook 

Pembroke is lucky enough to have in our Library archives a personal notebook belonging to the Master of HMS Victory, Thomas Atkinson. He was a personal friend of Admiral Nelson’s and, covering the years 1804-05, Atkinson’s notebook records detail of the voyage from the Mediterranean out to the Caribbean and back known as the Great Chase. Purchased amongst a collection of other books at auction in 1815 by the then Master of Pembroke, the notebook’s value was recognised and it was given to the College.

The notebook is an important resource but unfortunately is extremely fragile, made with rather cheap paper and binding; this means that it is very susceptible to damage when being handled. Therefore, we would like to have two facsimiles made of it, along with high-quality digital images that can be uploaded onto websites. One facsimile would remain in Pembroke, whilst the other would be sent to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, where they hold a large collection of Atkinson-related material, to which the notebook would be a key addition.

To learn more, contact the Development team at development@pmb.ox.ac.uk.