Admissions 2022-23

Welcome to our admissions page ahead of the 2022-23 academic year. This page is for candidates who have applied or have been allocated to Pembroke College for 2023 entry, or for deferred entry for 2024.

We're here to support you at all staged of this process, and below you will find a number of useful resources and information that will help guide you through.

Key Dates

10th November 2022 - Deadline for sending written work to Pembroke. 

Late November-early December Shortlisting decisions sent out by email, subject by subject. We will send out invitations to interview at least a week before your interview is scheduled to take place. Please check the subject interview timetable for more information on when this might be. 

5th December 2022 - Online Interview period begins

16th December 2022 - Online Interviews period ends

10th January 2023 - Decisions are sent to candidates