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If you know which person or department you would like to speak to, you can find their contact details by referring to the list below.

All students, administrative staff, Fellows and lecturers of Pembroke College can be contacted at the following address, including those who live at the GAB:

Pembroke College
St Aldate's

The main College switchboard number is:
Tel: 01865 276444 

Please note that we are currently asking that all enquiries take place by phone or email initially, rather than by in-person drop-ins.  This allows us to manage social distancing and track and trace requirements.  Appointments to talk face-to-face will be made as required.

Academic & Admissions Office
The Academic Office handles all aspects of academic administration within the College, including undergraduate and graduate admissions. 

General enquiries

You can use these contact details for any member of the team. The office is open 9.00am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, but please either call or email us with any queries you may have. If you would prefer to meet with one of the team, we will be operating an appointment system during MT20 - further details of how to make appointments will follow.  

Email: Academic Office 

Telephone: 01865 286089 

Individual staff and areas of responsibility

Academic Director

Email: Nancy Braithwaite Telephone: 01865 276419

  • Overall responsibility for the College’s academic strategy, policy and operations, and for student welfare policy
  • Formal roles include: Senior Tutor, Tutor for Admissions, Graduate Tutor, Dean of Visiting Students and Disability Lead

Academic Registrar

Email: Annette McCormack Telephone: 01865 276411 

  • Oversight of Academic Office, including systems, policies and procedures
  • Lead on all areas of undergraduate and graduate administration
  • Disability Coordinator for students
  • HR matters for academic staff
  • Appointment of College Associates and Junior/Senior Research Fellows
  • Budget management
  • Committee Secretary for Fellowships Committee

Deputy Academic Registrar 

Email:  Caroline Barnes   Telephone: 01865 276410 

  • Graduate admissions
  • On-course graduate students
  • Collections and exams administration
  • Degree ceremonies
  • Prizes and awards
  • Committee Secretary for Academic Committee

Student Officer: Recruitment, Experience and Events


Email:        Telephone: 01865 276412 

  • Admissions for undergraduates students
  • Access and outreach events, including school visits and open days
  • Matriculation

Academic Support Officer

Email: Kirstie Morris Telephone: 01865 286089 

  • Undergraduate on-course administration
  • Welfare including advising students on financial matters
  • Financial administration and OxCort payments for staff
  • Assistance with academic staff HR, OxCort and allowances
  • Visiting students
  • Exam administration
  • Scholarships, Exhibitions and internships 
  • Committee Secretary for Student Welfare and Equality Committee

Academic Office Administrator 

Email: Philippa White Telephone: 01865 610903 

  • Academic Reviews administration
  • Organisation of events such as freshers’ dinners and schools' dinners.
  • Scholarships and Exhibitions administration, including Scholars' dinner
  • Study Skills administration
  • Enquiries and requests for room bookings, transcripts and meetings
  • Diary support and correspondence on behalf of the Academic Director
  • Assistance with major events, such as admissions and exams
The Accommodation Manager is responsible for all aspects of accommodation and rooms for everyone in the College i.e. for students, staff, fellows and visitors and manages a team of 22 cleaners, known as “Scouts”.

Find out more about accommodation at Pembroke here.

Accommodation Manager

Jane Osborne

Telephone: 01865 276462 



Assistant Accommodation Manager

David Green

Telephone: 01865 276462


Buildings & Maintenance

Clerk of Works/Deputy Home Bursar (Buildings and Facilities) 

Charlie Harris

Telephone: 01865 276449 

Head of Facilities Maintenance

Tim Walker

Telephone: 01865 286088 

Maintenance Supervisor

Adam Walker

Telephone: 01865 286097 

Bursars' Office
The Bursary is responsible for all non-academic issues concerning the running of the College, and is responsible for all matters relating to personnel and staffing.

Bursar (Interim)

Kevin Knott

Telephone: 01865 276423 


Home Bursar

Mike Naworynsky 

Telephone: 01865 286081 


Bursars' Secretary

Jane Richmond

Telephone: 01865 276422 

The Catering team combines the operations of the kitchens and Hall.

The Hall team is led by the Steward, who along with his supervisors, ensures professional service of all food and drinks for students, academics, visitors, conference guests and staff alike. The team operates across all our meeting rooms as well as the Hall itself, and Farthings cafe.

Acting Hall Steward

Chris Long


T: 01865 276443


The catering operation is headed up by our Executive Chef, and the kitchens are overseen by the Head Chef, who leads a large and talented brigade producing food from their top class facilities for students, academics, visitors, conference guests and staff alike.

Executive Chef, Head of Catering

Kevin Dudley


College Merchandising


Conferences Team

Telephone: 01865 276425 

View the available college merchandise - and buy online from the Oxford University Shop.


Head of Communications

Catherine Beckett 

For all press enquiries please contact Catherine

Telephone: 01865 616853 or 07500 121 930



Communications Officer

Travis Walton

Telephone: 01865 610952



Communications Designer

Alexander Walker

Telephone: 01865 610927


Conferences and Events Office

Offering a high-standard of modern catering and conference facilities within a beautiful historic setting, Pembroke is the best of both worlds as a venue for your conference, reception, lunch or dinner.  Its beautiful range of buildings, some dating back to the 15th Century, will provide a stunning backdrop to truly impress your guests. 

With a variety of meeting and dining rooms, including the 1848 gothic revival Hall, newly refurbished and served by state-of-the art modern kitchens, the College is pleased to cater for groups of many sizes and to meet a variety of budgets. 

Dining functions and small meetings can be catered for throughout the year, while a greater range of facilities can be made available in the university vacations, including overnight accommodation.  The nearby Sir Geoffrey Arthur Building, the college’s annex beside the river, can be made available for day conferences year-round.

Head of Events

Ellen Brady

Telephone: 01865 276484 

Events Managers

Lara Avincola

Telephone: 01865 276425

Alexandra Cox

Telephone: 01865 610939

Nuala Darnell

Telephone: 01865 286098

Events Officer

Jan Trinder

Telephone: 01865 276425

Development Office
The Development Office is responsible for alumni relations and for fundraising.

Strategic Development Director

Alice Gosling

Telephone: 01865 276473 


Strategic Development Officer 

Laura Jostins-Dean

Telephone: 01865 276478 


Alumni Engagement Officer

Andrew Mitchell

Telephone: 01865 286080 


Regular Giving Officer

Photis Loizou

Telephone: 01865 276501 


Database and Research Manager

Merrill Herbert 

Telephone: 01865 276417 


Events and Stewardship Coordinator

Emma Leader

Telephone: 01865 276461 


Development Executive

James Brazier 

Telephone: 01865 276405

Finance Office
The Accounts Office deals with the College’s finances, including the collection of student fees and charges.

Telephone: 01865 276424 
Email: (for general enquiries)

College Accountant

Helen Joynson 

Telephone: 01865 286272 

Deputy College Accountant

David Guest 

Telephone: 01865 276424 

Accounts Assistants

Joan Dolton and Allison Phipps 

Telephone: 01865 276424 
Email: or


If you are looking for information about financial aid for students, visit these pages.

IT Office

The College has a full-time IT department, jointly with Christ Church College, known as JICTS (Joint Information, Communication and Technology Services). The team are responsible for all network connections and providing IT support to students and staff.

For all IT Support issues contact the IT team using this email address.


If you are unable to email, please telephone (2)86001.


Head of JICTS

Simon Thomson

Telephone: 01865 276440 

Deputy Head of JICTS

Andy Middleton

Telephone: 01865 276273

JICTS IT Officer

Wesley Cotter 

Telephone: 01865 286870 

JICTS Assistant Computing Officer

Lavanya Rao

Telephone: 01865 276453

JICTS Assistant Computing Officer

Matt Bowerman 

Telephone: 01865 286871

JICTS Computing Technician

Stewart Fisher

Telephone: 01865 276430

JICTS Computing Technician

Heather Kirk



All current undergraduates are automatically members of the JCR (Junior Common Room). There is also an elected committee of undergraduates who represent the students’ views to the College and which organises social events for Pembroke students.

To find details of the current JCR Committee please visit the Pembroke JCR website:

Library and Archives

The McGowin Library is staffed by one full time librarian, one graduate trainee librarian and a part time archivist.


Laura Cracknell 

Telephone: 01865 276409 


Graduate Trainee Librarian

Alison Walsh 

Telephone: 01865 276409 



Amanda Ingram

working hours 13:00-16:30 Wednesdays, 8:00-16:00 Thursdays and Fridays

Telephone: 01865 276409 


Find out more about Pembroke's library on The McGowin Library webpages.


The Master is the head of Pembroke College.


The Rt Hon Sir Ernest Ryder


PA to the Master

Mr Christopher Campbell-Kelly

Telephone: 01865 276401 


The Middle Common Room (MCR)  is the lively academic and social community for postgraduates at Pembroke College and all Pembroke graduates are automatically members.

To find details about the current MCR Committee please visit the Pembroke MCR website:

Porters' Lodge

The Lodge is the first point of call for all visitors and Pembroke’s Porters will always provide a warm welcome. The lodge is the first place to come with all general queries.

Telephone: 01865 276444 


Head Porter

Steve Capper 

Telephone: 01865 276485 

Senior Common Room (SCR)

SCR Butler

Chris Long

Telephone: 01865 276443