Pembroke Graduates Thank Scholarship Donors

8th December 2017

In late November five of Pembroke’s graduate scholars made presentations of their research at a special event held to thank the alumni who have donated in support of their awards.

Each speaker gave a 15-minute presentation and the wide variety of topics highlight the diversity of research occurring at Pembroke:

William Arlidge (DPhil Zoology, 2016) ‘Developing innovative bycatch reduction approaches’

Emma Day (DPhil History, 2015) ‘Women, Aids, and Healthcare Activism in 1980s and 1990s New York’

Lydia France (DPhil Zoology, 2014) ‘Flight Control and Mechanics of Perching Flight’

Katharina Herold (DPhil English, 2013) The role of the East in Decadent literature in England and Germany 1880-1920’

Dyedra Morrissey (DPhil Experimental Psychology, 2010) The Psychology of Time Perception and the Planning Fallacy’

Following the presentations, Academic Director Nancy Braithwaite chaired an academic panel which discussed the topics and their merits. This year’s panel comprised Senior Research Fellow in History Dr Nicholas Cole and former Junior Research Fellow in Economics Dr Sam Wills.

Speaking about the diversity of the speakers, Dr Wills commented that ‘together the speakers showed exactly what it is that makes Pembroke so special: a collection of bright, enthusiastic people chasing unique and exciting ideas.’

Scholarship donors agreed, Ian Cormack (1966) said: ‘watching such impressive young people making a genuine difference to important topics – right in front of our eyes – made it an evening to remember!’ and Andrew Pitt (1984) remarked: ‘this is a wonderful event showcasing some of the best work from Pembroke's doctoral students. Fun, insightful, uplifting, and full of variety.’

The Master of the College, Dame Lynne Brindley announced the audience’s choice of winner, Lydia France. In addition to a certificate, Lydia received a cheque for £150 for research expenses. The evening ended with a chance for participants to further discuss the talks over a drinks reception.

For the participants the event was a very rewarding experience, Will Arlidge told us, ‘it allowed me to practice my public speaking to an audience from a wide range of backgrounds. I was also thoroughly impressed by all the other speakers and the diversity of exciting research happening at Pembroke College.’