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Pembroke is a college within the University of Oxford which supports research
and delivers research-led teaching.  With a shared commitment to academic excellence,
we are a diverse community with global impact.

Community Voices

Matthew Peach
Matthew Peach (2017, Biochemistry)

My Sixth Form College took part in several of Pembroke’s outreach projects. I had the opportunity to take part in an essay competition which enabled me to explore a degree level topic in detail (in my case, genetic engineering). Through this, I came across the Biochemistry course and decided the put in an application. The rest is history!

Faaria Khan
Faaria Khan (2017, Engineering)

The original reasons why I chose Pembroke have regularly stood out to me throughout my time here, such as the architecture, the engineering tutors, the halal food and the accommodation. Moreover, I hail from a small, homely town in Surrey so truthfully the life and community at Pembroke didn’t feel a world away from home.

Graduate Students at a Dinner
Rohan Watt (2019, MPhil International Relations)

I chose Pembroke as a postgraduate student for two main reasons. First, so many of its Fellows were engaged in the sort of research I wanted to pursue myself, and there are opportunities to get involved in discussions of their work.

student in Oxford
Iona Neill (2020, German & Arabic)

I decided to apply to Pembroke after the open day – I had visited a number of different colleges but none of them had quite the same welcoming feeling, a feeling which was cemented again during my time at interviews, where I met many more wonderful people and was able to experience more of daily life in college.

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On 29th June 2024 the College will celebrate its 400th Anniversary. Between now and then we are planning a global calendar of celebrations and preparing to share the College's strategy for the years ahead.