Undergraduate Student Harrison Kaye Presents Weekly Radio Programme During Year Abroad in Taiwan


Incoming JCR President and current Pembroke undergraduate student Harrison Kaye (2020, Chinese) has been interning at the English Service of Radio Taiwan International (RTI). He has been presenting a weekly five-minute audio programme titled Climate Crunch, which discusses environmental issues in Taiwan. The program script can be found on RTI’s website and social media channels.

Harrison and his work were commended highly by the Head of RTI’s English Service, Natalie Tso, and he will continue to write the Climate Crunch script after he returns to the UK to complete his BA in Chinese.

Reflecting on his time in Taiwan, Harrison shares: “I’ve had so many incredible opportunities in Taiwan, whether that be travelling to areas of natural beauty, developing my language skills exponentially or gaining invaluable experience in broadcast journalism at RTI. This had allowed me to interview prominent figures in Taiwan’s performing arts industry, produce content in a variety of media and report on topics such as Taiwan’s road to net zero. These experiences have made my year abroad such a special one and I know I will cherish them for a long time.”

Harrison also looks forward to returning to Pembroke to take up his role as JCR President for the 2022-23 academic year. Harrison adds: “I’m excited to take my experiences from Taiwan and apply them to my role, such as using my work on Climate Crunch to inform different initiatives surrounding sustainability in the JCR. There’s so much going on in college this year and I’m lucky to have a JCR committee full of people enthusiastic about their roles and the potential they have to shape the college community. After a year away, I’m ready to not only get stuck back into Pembroke life but also work with the committee to make it an even better place for everyone.”

Harrison Kaye, smiling wearing a red jacket and carrying a tote bag