The Quill Project Awarded Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award

29th June 2017

The Quill Project is a research group based in Pembroke College. We are delighted to report that the team recently won the Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award for their paper titled ‘Quill: A Framework for Constructing  Negotiated Texts – with a Case Study on the US Constitutional Convention of 1787’. Quill is a platform for the study of negotiated texts, focusing especially on the creation of constitutions, treaties and legislation. The award-winning paper outlined their innovative approach to such material.

The award was received by Pembroke Senior Research Fellow in History Dr Nicholas Cole, Research Associate at the Oxford e-Research Centre Dr Alfie Abdul-Rahman and  Quill Project Research Assistant, Grace Mallon at the Joint Conference for Digital Libraries (JCDL).

The JCDL is an is a major annual international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical and social issues. It is jointly sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society. The forum features contributions on a wide range of topics from academics, government, and industry. Dr Cole commented, ‘We are thrilled to win this award from a highly rated conference!’

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Grace Mallon, Dr Nicholas Cole, Dr Alfie Abdul-Rahman (left to right)
Grace Mallon, Dr Nicholas Cole, Dr Alfie Abdul-Rahman (left to right)