Pembroke Tutor Receives £1M Research Grant


Congratulations to Tutorial Fellow in Biology Professor Roberto Salguero-Gómez who has received a £1 million grant from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Pushing the Frontiers scheme after having obtained a perfect score in a highly competitive review process.

Reviewers of this grant stated that “[Rob] has established himself as a leading light in the field of demography” and “will take this whole area of diversity and resilience research to an entirely new level”. The grant will fund research to quantify and predict resilience across levels of biological organisation, which will provide insights and tools to understand the effects of human actions on our biodiversity and its ecosystem services.

Prof Salguero-Gómez’s project is motivated by the need to understand and predict the resilience of our ecosystems in light of climate change, addressing fundamental questions in biology and helping to inform best practices to achieve key UN Sustainable Development goals.

Moreover, the project will involve collaboration between academics and researchers from a range of disciplines such as ecology, conservation biology, macro-ecology, evolutionary biology, engineering and robotics – including Pembroke’s Fellow in Engineering (Robotics) Prof Nick Hawes. PhD students will also be recruited to work on the project alongside Prof Salguero- Gómez and co-investigators Prof Andrew Hector from the University of Oxford and Dr Iain Stott from the University of Lincoln.

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Headshot of Prof Roberto Salguero Gomez