Pembroke Students take part in ‘Reframing Anxiety’ Welfare Workshop


On Monday 2nd November, Pembroke welcomed back Dr Tim Knowlson from the University Counselling Service for another virtual welfare workshop, titled "Reframing anxiety: Changing how we think and feel about anxious experiences". 

Tim’s workshop focused particularly on the value of anxiety and how it can be helpful to change our relationship with anxious feelings day to day. Tim finished by sharing what he has learned from working with anxiety, and how anxiety can be reframed by focusing on the parts of our lives that we can control, such as developing regular routines and staying connected with friends and family. 

Reflecting on the talk, first-year student Ella Greenwood said: "I thought it was really helpful, particularly knowing some of the science and reasons behind anxiety, which can make it feel much more manageable and less daunting. The process of hearing someone else talk about it is also always helpful as a reminder that it is normal to some degree, and something many people experience."

Welfare Co-ordinator Rebekah White Commented: “We are grateful to Tim for carving out a space for us to think about how we might reframe anxious feelings and experiences. We are also thankful for his generosity in allowing us to record his talk to share with the wider Pembroke community. At a time of global uncertainty, Tim's talk prompted the reassuring conclusion that we, as individuals, can inject a huge amount of certainty into our own daily lives.”