Pembroke Research Fellow Dr Elisabeth Kendall publishes ground-breaking research on the Yemen War and Terrorism

14th September 2020

Senior Research Fellow in Arabic Dr Elisabeth Kendall has released ground-breaking new research which provides important insights into the ongoing war in Yemen and its links to terrorism.

Elisabeth recently published an essay by invitation for the prestigious Engelsberg Ideas forum, titled ‘Making Sense of the War in Yemen’. The essay seeks to explain the complex 5-year conflict that has affected the entire region. One senior UK Foreign Office figure concluded: “This is probably the clearest and most comprehensive overview of the conflict in Yemen that I’ve read”. You can read the essay here.

Also in July, Elisabeth wrote a special analysis piece for the Centre for Global Policy, Washington DC. This insight into the operations of the Islamic State in Yemen is based on years of tracking and analysing the evolution of the group’s operations and media. This piece has been highly commended in government and military circles, with a New York Times bestselling author describing the research as “simply amazing” and calling it: “an outstanding analysis … rich with details and insights about ISIS in Yemen and the context of the broader local and regional conflicts”. Elisabeth spoke about this work on a podcast, which you can listen to here.

As well as her ground-breaking research regarding Yemen and the Islamic State, Elisabeth has also released new material that contributes to the wider discipline of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, having co-authored a new Arabic language book, ‘Diplomacy Arabic’. Co-authored with Georgetown University Professor Yehia A. Mohamed, the book was another publication to receive widespread praise, with the official Amazon review characterising it as “a must-have for skilled and relevant work in international relations in the Middle East.”

Elisabeth commented “With so much of the region rocked by conflict and having just finished a six month consultancy with the UN, my profound hope is that these publications will help to build the understanding required to resolve the complex issues obstructing peace.”

Dr Elisabeth Kendall
Dr Elisabeth Kendall