Pembroke Graduate Students in Covid-19 response

23rd July 2020

Two Pembroke graduate students have recently been involved in a variety of important work in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thomas Rawson and Daniel Howgate recently shared their experiences with us, having taken time out of their studies recently to undertake important work relating to the pandemic.

Daniel Howgate paused his studies in April 2020 to return to frontline clinical duties following a national appeal from the NHS, and has since been working on a full time 'emergency' rota as a Specialty Registrar at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) in Headington. Discussing his return to frontline duties, Daniel commented: “I did not hesitate to respond to this request. I am extremely proud and inspired by the dedication, fortitude, camaraderie, and strength of team work displayed by all the NHS staff who have worked tirelessly throughout this challenging period in order to provide the highest quality of healthcare for patients.”

Thomas Rawson has recently finished a contract with the Oxford Martin School working with their Open COVID-19 Data Working Group on curating data regarding contact tracing and demographic details. He has also been working on applying mathematical modelling techniques to help build a model to investigate the best ways to end lockdown. Discussing his work, Thomas commented: “The core finding was that it was crucial to make sure that any lockdown measures were relaxed in gradual parts. For the most part this is the approach that the UK government has now taken.”

Daniel Howgate & Thomas Rawson
Daniel Howgate & Thomas Rawson