Pembroke College Hosts Interviews Remotely for Second Year


Much like the 2020 admissions cycle, the University of Oxford has interviewed its prospective candidates online this year. The Academic Office at Pembroke College had provided its applicants with a variety of resources to help them feel confident about conducting interviews online, such as advice for managing nerves, IT tips and a list of frequently asked questions. These resources were published on our website on the admissions page and a series of takeovers and tips were posted on our Instagram.

Our first ‘Instagram Story Takeover’ featured second-year student Lara Clarke (2020, Psychology and Linguistics). Lara answered many questions that applicants sent in about interviews, such as how to use materials sent by tutors before interviews and how to prepare for an interview. Our second takeover featured Tabitha Musa, another second-year student (2020, Spanish and Linguistics). Tabitha answered questions such as why she chose Pembroke, what she does in her free time and tips for the Linguistics Interview. Prospective applicants and students who are thinking about applying to Pembroke can find these Q&As in our Instagram Highlights.

Moreover, the Communications Office posted some Instagram stories around College and hosted a ‘Mini College Tour’ for those doing remote interviews, as applicants would normally have the chance to explore Pembroke on their own if interviews were in-person.

Pembroke College interviewed a total of 534 students across 34 subjects for a total of 801 interviews over 10 days; all our applicants will receive their outcomes by the 11th of January.

Best of luck to everyone who’s waiting to hear back!