Pembroke Awarded Major Grant for Heat Decarbonisation in Move Towards Net Zero


We are delighted to announce that the College has been awarded £1.36m government funding to decarbonise our historic Dining Hall, supporting the implementation of a site-wide decarbonisation plan.

As Pembroke approaches its 400th anniversary we are mindful of our responsibility to future generations.  As a community we are determined to reduce our impact on the planet and to create an environment where sustainable choices are the norm.

Since December 2021 we have been working with external advisers and architects to create a Masterplan which will set out the roadmap to achieving Net Zero at Pembroke, including a site-wide decarbonisation plan.

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme funding, provided by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and delivered by Salix Finance, is awarded to public sector bodies for heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency projects with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This significant funding will contribute towards the cost of replacing existing gas boilers in the Dining Hall and Geoffrey Arthur Building (GAB) accommodation annexe with Air Source Heat Pumps. Work will begin in June 2023, marking a significant step towards our 2030 Net Zero target.

We are excited about the opportunities afforded by this funding, and look forward to working together to see Pembroke transformed into a sustainable, academic community which is fit to thrive for decades to come.

Click here for more information on our sustainability targets, plans and initiatives.

For Pembroke students and staff, information and advice on sustainability in College, as well as ways you can get involved, can be found on the Pembroke Hub.


Pembroke College Dining Hall