MCR Elects New Committee


As recently announced by former MCR president Hannah McIntyre, the Pembroke MCR have elected a new committee, in preparation for the 2021-22 academic year. The hustings for the new committee took place virtually in late May, and the new committee will begin with immediate effect, serving until Week 6 of Michaelmas Term 2021, and overseeing MCR Freshers Week and the welcoming of new MCR students.

New MCR President Benjamin Breant expressed gratitude to those who were leaving their roles, particularly to long serving members, saying; “On behalf of the new committee, I would like to thank everyone who served in the previous committee. Some of you were on committee since you started your degree well before we arrived, and now is the time for you to hand over this brilliant community you helped build and maintain. I want to promise you the MCR is in good hands, and we will all work together to ensure our community remains one of the best (if not the best) in Oxford. 

We have quite a summer to come, lightened by the hope of a somewhat normal Michaelmas, and we are all looking forward to keeping our community warm and inclusive and to give you the best experience you can hope from an Oxford MCR.” 

The Election results are as follows: 


ROHAN WATT - Vice President

KATHRYN WHITE - Social Secretary, Access Officer

TSVETOMIRA DUMBALSKA - Welfare Officer, Web Officer

PANARAT ROHLEDER - Academic Officer, Women's Rep

JAMES GRAHAM - General Rep



JULIANA PARS - Disabilities Rep

Some key positions such as Treasurer and Secretary are still vacant and need to be filled. If you an MCR student and have an interest in filling any of these positions, please reach out to Benjamin Breant.