Jan Eijking wins the Best Graduate Paper award for 2021


Many congratulations to Jan Eijking, Stipendiary Lecturer in International Relations at Pembroke, for winning the Best Graduate Paper award for 2021. Given by the European International Studies Association (EISA), this award recognizes and supports the contribution of PhD students to the field of International Relations.

Reflecting on this achievement, Jan commented:

“This award is a great honour and an encouraging recognition of my ongoing doctoral work. The paper is part of my DPhil dissertation on nineteenth-century international relations, with which I hope to shed new light on the reasons for, conditions on, and limitations of involving experts in global governance. As the pandemic has reminded us, this is both a central and complicated practice, which I think is worth unpacking historically.

I have also just started as Stipendiary Lecturer in International Relations this term. I’m very happy to have joined such an exciting and friendly place and to be contributing to academic life at Pembroke.”

Jan teaches first year undergraduates and all papers on International Relations. As a tutor, he is committed to understanding international relation theories through practices, both historical and contemporary, and believes that fundamental political concepts can be best made sense of 'in action'.