Human-Computer Interaction Publication Follows DPhil Student’s Internship


Many congratulations to Pembroke DPhil student in Cyber Security, George Chalhoub, for completing an internship at Microsoft Research, which resulted in a top-tier publication for the CHI22 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

In this publication, new design features were designed and tested for Microsoft Excel. George comments:

“I was very fortunate to do a research internship at the Calc Intelligence team at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. As part of the internship, I conducted a study with 21 participants to investigate and improve the User Experience (UX) of structuring data in commercial spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. We found that table-column operations (e.g., sort and filter) are crucial in improving the experience of spreadsheets and reducing human errors. We used our findings to design and evaluate four novel column-based features for Microsoft Excel. My research resulted in a top-tier publication at the 2022 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI2022) and a patent. This internship offered a wealth of new experiences, skills and industry knowledge, which complemented my experience of being a graduate DPhil student at Pembroke. I am grateful to the Pembroke Academic Office for providing support during that period, and to our sister college, Queens’ College, Cambridge for providing access to accommodation and college facilities during my internship.”

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George Chalhoub