Freshers’ First Visit to College


Pembroke College has recently hosted tours for its 2021 undergraduate freshers. We are delighted that we were able to hold these one-off tours in person for 60 future Pembrokians. All the students in attendance were visiting college for the first time after experiencing Open Days and interviews virtually.

Student groups were welcomed at the lodge by our Academic Registrar and Student Officer. They were then guided through the college quads, Junior Common Room, hall, café and student accommodation buildings. The students expressed their excitement about moving into their rooms this October.

In the Pichette Auditorium, students had the chance to ask questions about college life and activities. Annette, the Academic Registrar, confirmed that many events will be held for the students at the start of term to help them get familiarised with Oxford life and everything the college and University have to offer. These include Freshers’ Fairs, sports events, student club activities and more.

After the tours, students shared their impressions of the college. Ollie (2021, Spanish and Linguistics) remarked that his expectations about the college, which were already high, had been exceeded and that the college looked even better than it did on the website. He also added his excitement to begin tutorials next term. Freya (2021, Economics and Management) was impressed by what she found when she stepped into the college: “I didn’t realise the amount of buildings and rooms that were hidden away from the street!”

We are glad that the new freshers enjoyed these in-person tours of the college and learned a little about Pembroke’s history and Oxford life. We look forward to welcoming them again for the start of Michaelmas Term.