Dame Lynne Brindley Supports New Oxford University Media Society


The Master of Pembroke College, Dame Lynne Brindley, is a proud patron of the Oxford University Media Society. This year the society, which previously existed between 2004-14, has been revived by a second year undergraduate at St Hugh’s College, Theo Davies-Lewis (Archaeology and Anthropology, 2016).

The Media Society is passionate about bringing industry experts to Oxford; linking the University’s student body with world-renowned figures, ranging from editors and CEOs, to journalists and presenters working across all media.

Theo told us about the motivation behind re-launching the society, ‘We are living in such strange times in the media… not only has our own concept and definition of the "media" changed in the last five, ten and twenty years, but the challenges and opportunities that have now followed are important to us as a society.’

Theo commented on Dame Lynne’s support:

‘Dame Lynne's background in navigating the digital world in publishing during her time at the British Library means she is a fantastic addition to our support-base. As a former board member of Ofcom, Dame Lynne recognises why we as a society want to host regular events to tackle challenges in broadcasting and journalism as a whole. Her support has been most welcome and encouraging for us, and we look forward to working with her now and in the future.’

Find out more about the society on their website and view their term card here.