Celebrating Success: George Cull


George Cull (2017, Mathematics) has recently achieved outstanding results in his university final exams by obtaining a first. George also won a college award given for students with exceptional performance in sciences, the Cleobury Prize. We asked George to talk about his interest in Mathematics and to share what it was like being a student at Pembroke.

“I have loved my time at Pembroke. I have been able to immerse myself in both my Mathematics degree and the friendly and supportive community that is the college. I would recommend Pembroke to anyone; it’s the friendliest College and offers the classic Oxford traditions with a less stiff feel than some of the other colleges.

I applied to study Mathematics because I love solving puzzles and working through a problem by applying logic.  My studies at Oxford furthered this interest and led to me specialising in more ‘pure’ maths courses in fields like topology and group theory. The course demands a lot of work, but even through the more high-pressure weeks it always felt worthwhile and stimulating. It’s also exciting to be surrounded by like-minded peers, and faculty who are genuinely world-leading in their fields.

Outside my degree I learned to row, which was something I continued for my whole degree, and I was president of Pembroke’s 2019 Ball Committee. The College has many such opportunities for you to explore something completely new, and I particularly enjoyed working on the Ball as it allowed me to focus on a unique long-term project and get to know the College staff.”