Allie Hexley Wins JOSA A Emerging Researcher Prize


Congratulations to Allie Hexley (2018, DPhil Experimental Psychology) who was awarded the Emerging Researcher Best Paper Prize 2020 by the Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A).

JOSA A gave Allie the prize in recognition of her article, ‘Demonstrating a multi-primary high dynamic range display system for vision experiments’ in early April. The article was chosen for meeting the criteria of being scientifically significant, well presented, and high quality research. In their comments, JOSA A editors noted that they were particularly impressed by the thoroughness of the study and the clarity of presentation.

The paper itself focuses on the design and development of a multi-primary high dynamic range (MPHDR) system to be used in vision research, and how this display can be utilised in future psychophysical experiments. This research follows the multi-disciplinary approach of Allie’s DPhil, which incorporates various sciences and the development of new technologies to enable novel investigations of human vision.

In recognition of her work, Allie was awarded a certificate, and JOSA A will also circulate the article as widely as possible within its official journal. She commented: “I am thrilled for my work to have been recognised with this prize. Particularly in the current climate where face-to-face interactions with other researchers are limited, it's nice to hear that other people find my work as exciting as I do!"