Ruth Arnold

2020, Biology

Doing my undergraduate in Biology at Oxford, nestled within the Pembroke community, has been an exciting journey. In the lead-up to my final exams, I tried to strike a good balance between academic and extra-curricular life. It was a very rewarding time, as I planned a couple of exciting summer internships working in the Amazon rainforest and on coral reefs on Nusa Lembongan Island. I also volunteered as the vice president for Oxford Development Consultancy, which helped me to contextualise a lot of the conservation, ecology, and sustainability theories that I was learning in the biology course.

In allowing myself to fully engage in the topic, including meeting with some of the leading researchers in the field, I found the sense of work greatly diminished. 

I want to encourage everyone who doesn't feel 'good enough' because I've been there. In and amongst various personal hardships of the past 3 years, I have been surrounded by wonderful tutors and fellow students who have helped me along the way. So thank you Pembroke!