Dr Rebekah White

Stipendiary Lecturer in Psychology

I discovered Psychology in my third year at Australian National University and delighted in the breadth of the subject. I vividly remember the joy I felt after my first Cognitive Psychology lecture. I sat outside the lecture hall, frantically scribbling ideas and feeling that I might have just discovered my ‘thing’! I went on to do an Honours, MPhil, DPhil and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) focusing on topics within the fields of Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology. In 2013, I was invited to take on the role of Stipendiary Lecturer in Psychology at Pembroke and the rest is history!

We have a vibrant, supportive and close-knit community and, because Psychology is so broad a subject, I am constantly learning – often through conversations with students at lunches, meetings, and research events. It is a joy to witness the progression – academic and personal – of our students from their first tutorial through to their final exam, and above all, I love it when our students discover their own ‘things’.