Benjamin Bréant

2019, MPhil International Relations

As a graduate, Pembroke College has a lot to offer.

While I was navigating the many projects of my DPhil, I knew that I had an anchored support in my MCR, and with the wider community and staff in college. On a day-to-day basis, during and between terms, the MCR is just like the college library: always open. There is always something happening, whether it is a welfare and support event, or more formal meet-and-greets. We also organise our own termly-symposium. While it is a good excuse to talk about your work to your friends that are probably not in the same field, it also provides an excellent training ground for presentation. I was also granted the opportunity to create many academic endeavours such as an academic journal and numerous talks, strengthening the relationship between the MCR and SCR fellows. All of that because of the long-lasting history of trust between the MCR and college staff. Being part of Pembroke College also positively impacted my research, whether it was by discussing with other fellows, or by encouraging me to go and present my projects at conferences.