Celebrating Success: Deborah Cotton


Deborah Cotton (2017, Physics) recently graduated from Pembroke and excelled in her final exams by achieving a first. We caught up with Deborah, who looked back on her time at Pembroke, and discussed her plans for the future.

“I always wanted to study Physics because of the mathematical framework it uses to understand the natural world. I am incredibly grateful for the breadth of the Oxford degree, that has applied that framework to all different aspects of nature, ranging from small-scale atomic interactions to large-scale atmospheric circulation.

Combining studying with a lot of extra-curricular activities has been challenging at times but I think what makes studying Physics at Pembroke special is the support we have within each year, across year groups and from our tutors. At the start of my time at Pembroke I was wisely told that the year groups which work well together do well together and I think the results my matriculation year at Pembroke in Physics achieved testify to the truth of that statement (with all of us achieving first class marks in our fourth year and Joe Pollacco coming 3rd in the year). 

I am really looking forward to starting a PhD in Oxford this year and would strongly encourage applicants to consider Pembroke as the place to study Physics.”