Pembroke College Discovering Forgotten Writers Competition

Whose stories do you think are missing from your curriculum? Who do you think should be more widely read and known about?


The Competition

We are asking UK state school and college students in Year 12 (or soon to be in Year 13) to create a short video to tell us about writers you think are missing from the school curriculum and why you think their work should be taught in school.

We would like you to create a short video of no longer than 10 minutes, telling us about the time they were writing and living in. We want you to analyse at least one piece of work they created (for example, a novel, a play or a collection of poetry) and explain why you think it should be taught at school.

The deadline to submit your entry to us is Monday 31st July 2023, 23.50pm.

The Prize

Our winners will receive:

1st Prize: Book vouchers worth £150

2nd Prize: Book vouchers worth £100

3rd Prize: Book vouchers worth £50

All shortlisted entrants will also be invited to Oxford for the day for a celebration event. All winning videos will also be promoted on the Pembroke College website and social media. We will be able to reimburse reasonable travel costs to attend the celebration.


How to Enter

To enter you don’t need any fancy filming equipment or video editing software! All entries will be judged on their research skills, persuasive argument and engagement with the questions and prompts found on the Entry Information document. You can film this on your phone, record yourself drawing, create a TikTok or record yourself giving a PowerPoint on Zoom – we don’t mind!

Your video should answer these questions and prompts:

  • Who is the person you have chosen? Tell us about the time they were living and writing in
  • What works by this person did you read, and what did you think of what you read? Tell us about at least one work they wrote, for example a novel, short story, a play, or a collection of poetry
  • How was their writing received at the time?
  • Why did you choose this person and their work?
  • Why do you think that this should be included in the school curriculum?

To enter this competition, please read the Terms and Conditions document below, and use the entry form to submit your entry.

Terms and Conditions (please note the deadline has been extended to Monday 31st July 2023, 23.59pm!)

Online Entry Form