From Agony to Analgesia: Prof Irene Tracey explores for BBC Radio 4

17th August 2017

Pembroke Fellow Professor Irene Tracey is Head of Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Neurosciences.  In a new two-part documentary series for BBC Radio 4, she explores issues of pain, and explains why this complex phenomenon is still not fully understood.

Professor Tracey's research uses the latest technology in brain imaging (as well as some poking, prodding and burning) to understand more about the effects of pain and how it is manifest in the brain.  In From Agony to Analgesia she speaks to colleagues and collaborators about current studies and recent breakthroughs in the field.

Seeing Pain, episode one, is available on the BBC iPlayer, with Controlling Pain, episode two, scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday 23rd August at 9pm.

Professor Irene Tracey