The Quill Project: Undergraduate Micro-Internship

19th December 2018

The Quill Project at Pembroke College recently welcomed Pembroke second year undergraduate Ruixian Zhang (MPhys Physics, 2017) to work with them on a micro-internship. Ruixian applied for the placement through the Oxford University’s Career Service and was placed with the Quill project, to work on AI and programming. Ruixian has been working alongside Dr Omer Gunes, Quill Junior Research Fellow in Computer Science.

He commented:

‘I believe that internships are crucial for students, as they help share the expectations and requirements for specific roles in advance. At Quill, we offer regular internships throughout the year which last up to 8 weeks, and micro-internships which are usually over five days.

Ruixian Zhang is our first micro-intern to focus on the Artificial intelligence side of the Quill Project. Learning that Ruixian was currently a 2nd year Physics undergrad and a member of Pembroke College, we were very excited for her to join our team. Ruixian’s tasks related to Python programming and Natural Language Processing (NLP). She has adapted quickly to the tasks assigned, and has offered a variety of questions to further her knowledge. It has been a pleasure for Quill to have her as part of the team.’

Ruixian noted how her internship has been beneficial to her current Physics course at Pembroke and future career aspirations. She commented:

‘This project has been a precious learning experience for me. With the guidance of Dr Omer Gunes, I have been able to refine and build on my coding and method approach to Python programming and NLP. I have really enjoyed the process of the internship, and hope I have made a contribution to the Quill Project this week.’

If you are interested in future opportunities with Quill, please email Ruth Murray for more information.