Public lecture: When will your robot do what my bird does?

10th September 2013

All are welcome to attend the keynote lecture of The Oxford Summit on Robotics which constitutes the 2013 Pembroke College Mahfouz Forum, when Prof Alex Kacelnik will explain how his expertise in animal behaviour can influence the thinking of those developing the latest robotics technology.

Thursday 19th September, 18:00 - 19:00, The Pichette Auditorium at Pembroke College

(booking not required)


The Oxford Summit on Robotics aims to bring together - in an informal way - a small number of internationally-leading researchers in robotics and related areas to discuss and tackle strategic challenges in robotics research. It aims to acknowledge that robotics research is inherently inter-disciplinary and therefore welcomes the involvement of a small contingent of researchers looking at behavioural ecology and biological perception, as well researchers from a cross-section of robotics disciplines.

The Oxford Summit on Robotics forms this year’s Mahfouz Forum at Pembroke College. The Mahfouz Forum, which has a focus on subjects which cross disciplines, is run by Fellows of Pembroke and seeks to engage leading international academics working on a different theme each year, on a global and national basis. The Mahfouz Forum is generously funded by a benefaction from HE Mahfouz bin Mahfouz, Foundation Fellow of Pembroke College.