Professor Alex Kacelnik Elected as Honorary Professor at the University of Buenos Aires

27th April 2016

Pembroke Fellow and Tutor in Biological Sciences, Alex Kacelnik, has been elected as an Honorary Professor by the University of Buenos Aires.

Professor Kacelnik trained as a zoologist in Argentina, and then worked in the Departments of Zoology and Psychology in Oxford, Groningen and Cambridge before returning to Oxford in 1990.

Prof. Kacelnik commented: "The University of Buenos Aires is my alma mater, where I took my first degree in biology in highly convulsive years where one dictatorship succeeded another.  Officially I learned biology, but in fact I learned the pains of frustrated citizenship, and the value of independent thinking and debating. In many senses, perhaps unwittingly, the UBA was a fundamental influence in my life. I love the place, and being recognised by it touches me deeply.”

Prof. Kacelnik tutors Pembroke undergraduates in Animal Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology and is Head of the Behavioural Ecology Research Group at the University of Oxford.

His work has previously attracted attention from the worldwide media and the scientific community (see here and here).