Pembroke MCR Participate in Public Speaking Workshop at the Young Vic Theatre, London

19th May 2017

James Tan (MSc Financial Economics, MCR Academic Representative) reports on a training workshop at the Young Vic Theatre, generously funded by a Pembroke alumnus.

Earlier this month, 12 members of the Pembroke MCR travelled to London to attend a workshop titled  'Presenting with Impact and Authenticity' at the Young Vic Theatre. The purpose of the day was to provide public speaker training for those postgraduates whose future career paths would place them in front of audiences.  Students signed up to the workshop from a wide range of fields, including aspiring teachers, lawyers, and scientists to name a few.

Trainers Al Nedjari and Corinne Micallef introduced a variety of exercises and techniques to relax and prepare the speaker, which the participants then practised and discussed.  The contrast in the speaking clarity of participants before and after the exercises was extraordinary and easily noticeable. 

All thinkable aspects of public speaking were analysed and taught, from body language and tone of voice to positioning in the room.  Feedback was particularly positive on the breathing and pace of speech exercises, which were put to good use when MCR members stood up one by one to use their new skills and present to the rest - receiving valuable, individual feedback in the process. 

Students were instructed how to respond dynamically to an audience, holding their attention and conveying ideas across effectively.  Al and Corinne encouraged everyone to be their genuine self, addressing nerves and tackling their speaking issues rather than masking them.  By the end of the day, a quiet confidence was evident amongst the class, with fears of the spotlight greatly diminished in each person. 

Participants from Pembroke at the Young Vic Theatre, London
Participants from Pembroke at the Young Vic Theatre, London