The Inaugural Exhibition of Distinguished Alumni Photographic Portraits

6th October 2017

Celebrating the life and achievements of recent generations of Pembroke students, a selection of photographic portraits will be on display on the north and south facades of the College Dining Hall.

The photographed alumni were chosen by the Art Committee in consultation with all fellows. They represent former students who have successful professional careers, have achieved prominence in the public eye, or have been significant benefactors of the College.

This is a changing exhibition: each academic year six new portraits will be hung to keep the display vibrant and continuously updated. It reflects the diverse walks of life in which Pembroke students have successfully found their place in the wider world.

The 2017-18 display includes Oz Clarke (1967, Theology), Michelle Peluso (1993, PPE), Tarik O’Regan (1996, Music), Desirée Cox (1987, Rhodes Scholar), Matthew Freeman (1979, Biochemistry) and Patience Agbabi (1983, English). Read more about their biographies here