Sexual Violence

If you have experienced sexual violence you may wish to consider any or all of the options below, but how you proceed is entirely your decision:


  • First Responders can talk you through the options above and can be a companion through any of the paths you wish to take, whether that is coming with you to the police, to a SARC or to A&E.

  • They can listen to anything you need to say, whether the incident happened recently or a while ago - you are not expected to ‘get over’ anything and your feelings are entirely valid, no matter how long ago you experienced violence.

  • Our current First Responders are: Romy Catmull, Imogen Hobby, Emily Huxley, Joe Morton, Florence Butterfield, Kate Partridge, Alice Mingay, Jess Ellins, Molly Garnett, Mike Fuller, Ronni Blackford.