Peer Support

  • The Peer Support Programme is a scheme run across the University by the counselling service. 

  • A team of Pembroke students from the JCR and MCR, across a range of years and subjects, have been trained in active listening support and are available for any Pembroke students to talk to confidentially

  • They provide an alternative to talking to college welfare staff, providing support on a more casual, student level. They also have access to a range of resources they can refer you to, or can spend some time with you to support you through hard times

  • Peer supporters abide by a Code of Practice, attend regular supervisions to consolidate their training and develop their skills, and are available to be contacted for any difficulty big or small you might encounter during term. They can also be found at welfare teas and events organised by the JCR and MCR on at least a weekly basis throughout term

  • New Peer supporters are trained throughout Michaelmas term, and after this the whole team attends fortnightly supervision sessions to update our training and discuss Peer Support in College. 

  • Peer supporters aim to be friendly faces around Pembroke and can be approached any time, or contacted by email:




Imogen (Immie) Hobby

Joe Morton

Alice Mingay

Jessica Ellins

Ste Szczepanek

Kate Partridge

Mike Fuller

Molly Garnett

Florence Butterfield

Miranda Zhang



Dyedra Just

Guy Niblett

Malte Kaller

Anna-Katharina Hauperich

Samira Lindstedt

Hubiba Mir


If you're a Pembroke student needing a chat, do get in contact with one of us!