Medical Advice

If you run into medical difficulties while at Pembroke, there is plenty of support in place to help you. See below for information and contact details.



  • Victoria Mills is our college nurse, she is available to help you manage health problems and illness, and can refer you elsewhere when necessary. She can advise on injuries, dressings/remove stitches and care for wounds. She offers advice on contraception and the emergency pill, and is very happy to give support and advice for emotional and psychological problems, all consultations are absolutely confidential.

  • The nurse is available weekdays excluding Wednesday during term in the Neil Arnold Room which is wheelchair accessible, next to the Pichette auditorium. However room visits can be arranged if required, please contact Victoria to discuss this.

The nurse is available 0th-9th week as follows:

Monday 12:45 - 3:15pm

Tuesday 3:30 - 6:00pm

Thursday 10:00am - 12:30pm

Friday 12:45 - 3:15pm


Phone messages can be left at the Lodge: 01865 276444


Ensuring joined up care between your College Nurse and your GP

This leaflet addresses any queries the students may have about the sharing of their personal information and the relationship between your College Nurse and the College Doctor.



  • Whilst you are at Pembroke, the College requires all students to register under the NHS (or make a private arrangement) with the College Doctors’ at 19 Beaumont Street, OX1 2NA. To ensure you receive continuity of care, it is advisable that you remain registered for the duration of your course. You can register using an online form here.  Appointments can be made in person, through the college nurse, or by calling 01865 240501.

  • During vacations, you will still be able to receive NHS treatment at your local GP, or elsewhere, by registering as a ‘temporary resident’. 



  • We have a page dedicated to mental health advice and contacts for students at Pembroke. There are a wide range of people in Pembroke and within the University who can help you with mental health issues, however if you feel you are experiencing a mental health crisis you should call 111 or, in an emergency, 999.



  • If you need non-emergency medical attention during the evenings or at a weekend, ring the NHS non-emergency helpline 111. This number will however only work if called from a UK phone. If you do not have a UK phone number, you can either borrow a friend's or call from the phone at the lodge. 



  • Our Porters are first aid trained, or will call someone who is, and will always assist you if you require guidance or help: 01865 276444



  • If you need urgent medical assistance, the UK emergency number is 999.  You must ensure you give a detailed location of where you are within the College ( quad, staircase and room) and the lodge should always be informed (01865 276444). If you need to guide emergency services to the Geoffrey Arthur Building Annexe (GAB), the address is: Long Ford Close, OX14NJ. You should alert the lodge so that they know where to guide the emergency services and can open the parking gate behind the GAB when they arrive. If called for the main site, the address is: Pembroke Square, OX1 1DW.

  • The nearest Accident & Emergency Unit (A&E) is at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

  • If you do not require an ambulance but need to go to Accident & Emergency Unit (A&E), please contact the lodge (01 865 276 444) as the porters can arrange a taxi to take you there and back. You will not have to pay for the taxi. 



  • Medicines issued on prescription from a chemist or pharmacy are charged at a flat rate of £8.20 per item. One exception is the contraceptive pill which is free of charge, as is emergency contraception (morning after pill), both are prescription medications but the latter can be obtained by speaking with a pharmacist in a chemist. The nearest chemist is Boots on Cornmarket Street (OX1 3HL).



  • Advice is freely available from the College Doctors and the College Nurse. Full details on Family Planning and STI clinics can be found on the OUSU website and on the Sexual Health Oxfordshire website. You can also contact your Welfare Reps to know what sanitary and sexual health products are available via your common rooms.



  • These are available by appointment at Summertown Health Centre. Some travel vaccinations are chargeable and it makes sense to book as early as possible before you travel, in case vaccines have to be ordered in. If you are in doubt which vaccines you need, a useful website is:



  • If you wish to see a specialist or consultant, you must first make an appointment with your GP even if you have private medical insurance.

  • Physiotherapy and Chiropody are often best sought privately, as NHS referrals may take some time. However, NHS services are available and you are welcome to discuss these with your GP.

  • Alternative Therapies (Homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, acupuncture etc.) are not available on the NHS and should be sought privately.



  • Opticians’ services are not usually covered by the NHS. There are many opticians in Oxford. An initial sight test costs about £25.00 and you must make an appointment prior to being seen.

  • Note: the Eye Hospital is a specialist unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR) in Oxford and deals with medical/surgical problems and procedures only. As with all hospital appointments, you need to be referred there by the GP. 







If you feel alcohol or drugs are affecting one or several areas of your life or your friends’, there are several avenues of support both within and outside University. OUSU has a very good page with information and resources available to you.

Within College, you can contact the College Nurse, Victoria Mills and the Chaplain, Andrew Teal confidentiality for advice about drugs. Within University, you can speak with a counsellor at the University Counselling Service or speak to an Advisor at the Student Advice Service Drop-in to discuss options available to help resolve the issues that are affecting you.

Outside university you can self refer to Turning Point. This service offers motivational support, advice and treatment which address both physical and mental health needs and is free. The Oxford Hub is located at:

Oxford Hub  - Turning Point Oxford, Rectory Road, Oxford, OX4 1BU.  Tel: 0300 0134 776 | Secure email: 

Talk to Frank can provide friendly, confidential drugs advice. Further links can be found on our Wellbeing page.