Click and Collect

Click and Collect

If you need to borrow a book from Pembroke Library, please use the Click & Collect option if possible, to keep foot traffic in the library to a minimum. 

  • Click & Collect requests will be checked out onto your account the following morning - i.e. if you place a request on Monday, you'll get an email about it on Tuesday morning.
  • If you need a book more quickly than this, please email us directly on Staff aren't here at the weekends, so requests from Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be picked up on Monday morning.
  • Requested books will be put in the Ward Perkins Room for collection. Please ensure you observe the maximum capcity of that room, don't come for the books until you receive the email, and be in and out of the room as quickly as possible.
  • Books will have a slip of paper with the date of request, your initials and Bod card number on them. Uncollected requests will be returned to the library after 3 days.
  • Out of consideration for library staff, please be sensible in how many books you request at once, bearing in mind that we will have to carry them! If possible, please also keep the number of requests to no more than 6 per day, to ensure that there is space in the Ward Perkins Room for everyone's books.
  • If you do need to come into the library to borrow a book, please ensure you bring your face covering, and observe social distancing from those using the desks to study.
  • The self issue isn't working at the moment, so please use the qr code on it to email us the book titles that you have taken. The alarm will go off as you leave, and the CCTV is working, so if you take a book without letting us know, you may receive an email anyway! 

How to request a loan

1. To place a request, you need to be signed into SOLO, using the sign in option in the top right hand corner.


2. Once you're signed in search for your book, and click through to the Pembroke Library copy. On the right hand side, you should see the green 'Request' button. Click it.

3. On the next screen, click 'Send Request'.

That's it! Now just wait for the email telling you your books are ready to collect.