Library Guides for Freshers

To find out more about how to get the best use of the vast library resources during your time at Oxford, we have put together some tutorials to help make navigating the library an easier task.

These are available as videos or slides, each with the same content, so you can follow along in whichever format you prefer. To check you've understood what you've heard or read, please take the Freshers Quiz, ideally before the end of September1, so that you're ready when term starts.

The Quiz has all the guides in it, so you can read or watch them, and answer the questions on the same page. 

You'll also find the guides here (video) and here (slides), if you want to revise anything without taking the quiz again. 

For more information about the library generally, and the latest updates during term, have a look at the Information for Students page.


1You will need your Single Sign-On to take the quiz and look up answers on SOLO, so please wait until you have this before taking it.